How long have you been in this profession?

How long have you been in this profession? I have worked in wallpaper reprographics for 8 years.

Why should people choose Arthouse for their wallpaper needs?

From working with this team, I have seen all the hard work and attention to detail that goes into every design. Our in-house artists paint, draw and photograph a lot of the work themselves and create some amazing designs. I think it’s nice to know that when you are putting any of our products on your wall, there is a good chance one of our talented artists created it themselves.

What do they like about creating wallpapers?

I work on the technical side of creating wallpapers and I enjoy the challenges of translating the designs into something that is ready for print production.

What is your preferred style?

I love tropical designs and designs with foliage. I think it’s nice to bring some nature in doors.



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