Brick Wallpaper For Every Room

Brick Wallpaper Livingroom

Are you looking for a way to add character to a room in your home effortlessly? A new piece of furniture or decor can enhance a room’s aesthetic, but a more impactful way to improve a room’s appearance is by changing the walls. When you think of changing up the walls in your home, you may figure painting the walls will do the trick. While this can undoubtedly transform a space, adding the appearance of different textures can take things to another level.

Brick walls are an excellent way to add texture to a room. Many homeowners love the look of interior brick walls, but having brick walls placed inside your home can be costly and time-intensive. An easier, less expensive option is to use brick wallpaper in your home. Brick wallpaper allows you to achieve the look of an actual brick wall without the hassle.

It also provides several benefits, including the following:

  • Easy installation
  • Variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to fit specific dimensions
  • Air circulation
  • Lightweight decor solution
  • Impressive, beautiful aesthetic effects

If you want to add imitation brickwork to your home, you should first determine which brick wallpaper material will work best in the particular room you will be adding it to. Brick wallpaper is available in several materials, including paper, vinyl, non-woven, and self-adhesive peel and stick wallpaper. Arthouse carries a wide variety of brick wallpaper in various materials, styles, and shades.

Each material presents different advantages and disadvantages. Paper wallpaper provides the broadest range of brick drawings, is the easiest to install, and is the least expensive. With that said, it is also the most likely to warp, fade, or peel over time. Vinyl wallpaper is easy to clean and does not fade over time. While they are both inexpensive, paper and vinyl wallpapers do not present as realistic-looking brickwork.

It is worth noting, imitation brickwork of any kind is not suited for every room in your home. You may find that brick wallpaper will not work with the themes and existing decor of every room in your home. Sometimes the factors and functions of the specific room can affect whether or not brick wallpaper is a good choice. For example, it does not work well in rooms like bathrooms. This is because consistent high humidity levels can warp and disintegrate the paper over time. Rooms like enclosed sunrooms or porches are also not great options for brick wallpaper because of their exposure to varying temperatures and elements that can deteriorate the paper over time.

So which rooms look good with brick wallpaper? Read on to find out where you can best incorporate brick wallpaper in your home.

Brick Wallpaper in the Living Room

Brick Wallpaper Livingroom

The living room is the primary space in your home, which makes it a great place to go above and beyond when changing up the aesthetic. Your living room is where your family and guests will spend most of their time, so you’ll want it to really make a statement. Brick wallpaper is one of the best ways to give your living room a whole new look.

Adding brick wallpaper to your living room can be done in several ways. There are so many different styles and shades of brick wallpaper, so you’re sure to find something that meshes perfectly with the image you have in mind for your living room.

Choosing brick wallpaper for your living room consists of determining what shade and style will work best with the room’s color palette. Take a look at the existing furniture and decor. Which shade of brick will compliment it well?

Shades like light beige, white, and gray can enhance a living room with a calm vibe. These living rooms likely have large windows, light furniture, and decor in shades of blue or green. If you want to keep up the mood, go for black or dark brown furniture with red, yellow, or orange accents. Red hues and taupes will add to the look of a living room with a warm, loft vibe.

You will also want to consider the pattern of brickwork that would work best for your living room. Living rooms are typically very versatile spaces, so brickwork of any shape and size can work as long as it matches the rest of the room’s aesthetic.

Brick Wallpaper in the Interior of the Kitchen

Brick Wallpaper Kitchen

When it comes to decorating, you likely think of your living room and bedrooms long before thinking of your kitchen. With that said, your kitchen is a great place to use brick wallpaper to enhance your home’s aesthetic. Your kitchen may not have much in the way of wall decor or other decorative accents, so the walls themselves can carry the look. Adding imitation brickwork to the interior of your kitchen is an excellent way to spruce up one of the most functional spaces in your home.

Choosing brick wallpaper for your kitchen can be difficult because there are unique considerations at play. With all of the cooking and cleaning you do in your kitchen, your wallpaper will be exposed to higher humidity levels than it would be in other rooms, like the living room or bedroom. It’s important to choose a wallpaper material that will not warp or fade with increased humidity exposure. Self-adhesive 3D wallpaper is known for its moisture-resistant properties, making it the strongest to stand up against humidity levels in the kitchen.

Once you’ve chosen the right material for your kitchen wallpaper, you’ll want to begin thinking of what you want it to look like. Color choice is essential when selecting brick wallpaper for the interior of your kitchen. Does your kitchen have a modernized style with white cabinets and light decor? Brick wallpaper in shades of light grey or beige would be a nice compliment. Arthouse carries brick wallpaper in various shades of grey, so there are several options for your kitchen.

Does your kitchen have a more rustic style with dark wood cabinets and warm-toned accents? Brick wallpaper in red or taupe hues would be the best match in this case.

Brick Wallpaper in a Bedroom Interior

Brick Wallpaper Bedroom

Your bedroom should always be the coziest room in your home. It’s a place of comfort, where you retreat at the end of a long day. The bedroom should be quiet, calm, and relaxing. You want the appearance of this room to match the way you feel when you’re in it, so your decorative choices should reflect this.

Imitation brickwork is an excellent way to enhance a bland bedroom without making the space too loud or busy to be comfortable in. Brick wallpaper can add subtle texture to a bedroom while still keeping things simple. Bedrooms are great spaces to incorporate brick wallpaper because you can choose any available wallpaper materials and have beautiful results. Paper wallpaper will give you endless design options to choose from, whereas non-woven or self-adhesive 3D will help you achieve the most authentic look.

Lighter shades are an attractive choice for brick wallpaper in a bedroom. White or light grey wallpaper would work beautifully with white, light blue, green, or yellow bedding. Darker shades are ideal for bedrooms with warmer tones. If your bedding is shades of red, orange, dark yellow, or black, brick wallpaper with reddish hues will look the best.

Wallpaper Under the Brickwork in a Hallway

Brick Wallpaper Hallway

Hallways are an important aspect of your home, transporting you from one space to another. While they are a vital part of the home, they often get overlooked. We may adorn the hallways with wall accents like decor or picture frames, but how can you make the walls themselves look better? Adding imitation brickwork to your hallways can make them stand out in a unique way. One of the less significant parts of your home will suddenly become a focal point.

Non-woven or 3D brick wallpaper is the best option for a hallway, as it will look the most like authentic brickwork. The illusion of actual brick walls lining a hallway will give the space texture and make the visual much more appealing. 

When it comes to choosing the best color for your hallway’s imitation brickwork, you should consider how it might change the way the space appears. Different wallpaper shades can essentially create optical illusions of size and shape when placed strategically in a hallway. Lighter shades like white or beige will make the hallway appear wider than it is. Darker shades like rich browns or reds can make the hallway appear longer than it is.

The pattern of brickwork can also contribute to an optical illusion in your hallway. Smaller brickwork patterns can make the space appear more busy and cluttered, therefore making it look smaller. Larger brickwork patterns can open the area up by creating the illusion of more space along the walls. 

Some homeowners already have existing brickwork in their hallway and are looking to add more decorative flare. You can do this by incorporating wallpaper of a bright color that compliments the shade of the existing brickwork. If you have lighter brickwork, choose a cooler-toned wallpaper pattern. If you have darker brickwork, bright pops of warm color can really make a statement in this small space.

Brick Wallpaper in a Children’s Room

Brick Wallpaper Kids Pink Bedroom

The importance of a child’s room cannot be understated. Your child’s room is where they spend most of their time, and it will likely go on to be part of a formative memory. You want to make sure that your child’s room is a place of comfort, creativity, and inspiration.

Adding brick wallpaper to a child’s room is a great way to establish a timeless look. Imitation brickwork can carry a child through the years, as it works for every age. Many homeowners may choose the color and style of the brick wallpaper in their child’s room based on gender. Lighter shades can work better in a little girl’s room, and darker shades may work better in a boy’s room. Arthouse also offers brick wallpapers in more unique colors like pink. Depending on your child’s age, you can always ask them their input on what they want their room to look like.

When choosing the best material wallpaper for a child’s room, you may gravitate towards paper because of the range of options. However, vinyl may be better for a young child because it is easier to clean.

Room Design Ideas with Brick Wallpaper

Now that you know the basics of choosing brick wallpaper for the various rooms in your home, how can you best execute imitation brickwork in your decor? There are endless ways to incorporate brick wallpaper throughout the home. Below are just a few specific ideas on how to style the brick wallpaper in each of your home’s rooms.

Living Room

If you have a modernized living room with black leather furniture and warm-toned accents, you can do one accent wall in brick wallpaper to draw attention to the room’s focal point. Choose self-adhesive 3D wallpaper with brickwork in a reddish hue and a medium-sized pattern. Place this on the wall behind your television or entertainment center to distinguish that area from the rest of the room. This will draw guest’s attention towards the entertainment while they are in the living room.

For living rooms that are very open, with large windows and a great deal of natural light, you should opt for white brick wallpaper with a larger brickwork pattern. This will open the room up even further and act as a great compliment for light-colored furniture, such as beige, blue, or light green pieces. Styling your living room brick wallpaper in this way will create a space that gives a calming, comfortable feeling of relaxation.


A great way to add imitation brickwork to your kitchen is by adding brick wallpaper behind the counter space or behind a sink as a backsplash. If you have a traditional country-style kitchen with white wooden cabinets, adding self-adhesive 3D wallpaper with light grey brickwork in a medium-sized pattern would look clean and crisp.

You can enhance kitchens with a sleek, modern look using brick wallpaper in numerous ways. If this is the aesthetic of your kitchen, one idea is to place 3D wallpaper with red brickwork in a medium-sized pattern along the bottom half of the walls, about waist-high. This will add texture to a space that may not already have much.


A great way to add brick wallpaper to a bedroom is by creating an accent wall behind the head of your bed. If your bedroom has a lighter, cooler color palette, adding white or beige brick wallpaper is the best choice. Choose a larger brickwork pattern to avoid the crowded, busy appearance that smaller patterns can sometimes create.

When adding brick wallpaper to a bedroom, it’s crucial to keep the ambiance calm and relaxing. Shades of grey will often create a calming effect. You can add vinyl or non-woven grey brick wallpaper on the wall opposite your bed to add to the comfortable feeling of the room. Again, choose a medium- to large-sized brickwork pattern to avoid a cluttered visual.


If you have a long, narrow hallway, the focal point is usually the end of the hall. How do you change the focal point? Make the hallway seem more spacious.

Add vinyl wallpaper with light grey or beige brickwork in a large pattern, and you’ll see how it expands your hall and makes it appear much wider. This design will create the illusion of a more open space. You can then add wall decor like mirrors (inset them if possible) and accents in cool-toned colors like blue and green.

If you want to create length in a shorter hallway, add 3D wallpaper with red brickwork in a smaller pattern. The darker shade and realistic texture will give the illusion of a more narrow space, making the hallway appear longer. Decorations and wall accents should add pops of color with bright reds, orange, or yellow.

Children’s Room

For a child’s room with a whimsical, light-hearted theme, go for colorful wallpaper in either pink, blue, or multiple colors. Place the wallpaper on two opposing walls. Make sure that the material is something easy to clean, like vinyl. Arthouse carries the perfect white wallpaper that is super effortless to maintain! To give the illusion of a wide, open space that facilitates your child’s imagination, opt for a larger brickwork pattern.

Dark brown or red brick wallpaper with a medium-sized brickwork pattern can help create a fire station theme in a child’s bedroom. Place this paper on all four walls to create a great immersion into the theme for your child. This style and pattern of brickwork can also easily transition into a teenager’s room when the time comes.


Arthouse is the home of inspiration and we’re as passionate about design now, as we were when we started out twenty years ago. Drawing on the latest trends, our team of in-house designers are constantly creating new wallcoverings to add to our collection – including contemporary must-haves, classics with a twist, designs that fuel imaginations and distinctive looks for wow-factor rooms.


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Arthouse is the home of inspiration and we’re as passionate about design now, as we were when we started out twenty years ago. Drawing on the latest trends, our team of in-house designers are constantly creating new wallcoverings to add to our collection – including contemporary must-haves, classics with a twist, designs that fuel imaginations and distinctive looks for wow-factor rooms.


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